ESG Token

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Add ESG Token(BEP-20)

How to add BEP-20 ESG token to Metamask?

First of all login to your wallet and press Import tokens button Then copy contract address and paste it in โ€˜Token Contract Addressโ€™ section

Then, click on "Add Custom Token button" Congratulations, now you have successfully added ESG token to Metamask wallet. BEP-20 ESG Contract address : 0x0985205D53D575CB07Dd4Fba216034dc614eab55

Add ESG Token(ERC-20)

Add token process is the same as above(BEP-20), but please change the network to Ethereum mainnet.

ERC-20 ECOP Contract address : 0x0106a1122fe94a9cf151097c1fe17229ec78ffad.

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