How to Supply

Go to the App page -> App. There are crypto assets in Supply Markets section.

Click on the crypto asset you wish to supply.

If you want to supply 40 USDC, enter 40 in the input window. (Maximum Supplying can be within your balance in your wallet)

Once you click the Supply button, a MetaMask pop-up appears notifying a fee will incur. In order to supply crypto, you need to approve the transaction amount first. For a safe transaction, Eco DeFi only request for approval as much as you enter. If you wish to proceed, click on "Confirm" button.

If the approval request is successful, another pop-up will appear to confirm the BNB quantity for gas fee. This is a fee payment process to proceed with the transaction. Once you confirm, Confirmed Transaction message will appear. It will then be indicated in My Supply Asset section.

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